What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormones control every function in the body. As a result, hormonal imbalances can impact on virtually every major system and organ in the body. Hormones are messenger chemicals that have hundreds of functions communicating with organs and cells around your body and all play their part.

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) uses bio-identical hormones to replace and re-balance the body’s hormones.

Bioidentical HRT is founded on the principle that everyone is unique and therefore hormone treatment should also be unique.

Bio-identical hormones can be used to help:

Andropause, also known as the “male menopause”
Hot flushes and night sweats

Memory Loss

Loss of Libido


Sleeping difficulties


How does it work?

Following your consultation and as treatment progresses, we will monitor and optimise your levels of:

Oestrogen – vitally important for your heart, blood pressure, bone density, sleep, hair, skin and vaginal health.

Progesterone – calming, it decreases anxiety and mood swings, fatigue and is so important for sleep.

Testosterone – women as well as men need optimum levels of testosterone for vitality, ambition, a sharp mind, bone density, weight control and enjoyable sex.

DHEA – your “joie de vivre” hormone, it gives a sense of vitality, energy, drive, motivation and libido.

Vitamin D – a hormone that is usually low in Northern Europe. It is important for mood, immunity, bone density it is thought to be vital to reduce the incident of auto-immune conditions.

BHRT unlike traditional HRT is naturally occurring and has the same chemical structure as naturally occurring hormones in the body.  

Unlike synthetic hormones, used in conventional HRT, the body does not recognise bio-identical hormones as foreign.

The treatment is bespoke, tailored to address your concerns and can be adjusted as improvements occur.

What to expect

At your first consultation (45 minutes):

We take a detailed symptom and medical history followed by a full hormonal blood screen, if you do not have regular periods.

These enable us to gain a full picture of your health and hormones and the results will be the starting point for your personalised treatment plan and prescription.

Please note that blood tests are charged separately to your appointment. If you are still having periods, we prefer to have these taken on day 21 (where day 1 is the first day of your period) as this is considered the best time to assess your blood hormone levels. When we receive the results of your blood tests these will be discussed with you, either in person or by email/phone if you prefer. A mutually agreed plan of action involving BHRT, supplements, nutrition and lifestyle changes will be started.

Your personalised prescription is sent directly to the pharmacy.

Your prescription will be created to balance all the hormones, oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and Vitamin D. You then need to liaise directly with the pharmacy to pay for your medication which is posted directly to you within 4-7 days after payment. If there are any issues with delivery you should contact the pharmacy.

You should attend a follow-up assessment 4-8 weeks after you start your medication to check progress. If required, your medication will be adjusted, and a new prescription sent to the pharmacy. This process should be repeated at 3 and 6 months before becoming an annual assessment..

Follow up appointments provide you with the opportunity to review and discuss your blood test results. We will advise you of any medication needed to address any issues identified by your tests and symptoms and may write you a personalised prescription, if required.

You will be reviewed at 6-8 weeks to assess any initial response to your treatment and make amendments if your plan needs adjusting.

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Our clinical team have attended the Marion Gluck Academy in London. We are experienced in treating individuals with bio-identical oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and vitamin D. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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